1.  Charicleia Cavafy, the poet’s mother (1835-1899).

2.  Constantine Cavafy (two years old), among his brothers John-Constantine (on the left) and Paul (on the right). Image dated by the poet.

3.  John-Constantine Cavafy (1861-1923).

4.  Paul Cavafy (1860-1920).

5.  Aristeides Cavafy (1853-1902).

6.  Constantine Cavafy, Alexandria, c. 1890.

7.  A page from Drakopoulos’ 1899 Journal (Athens), with Cavafy’s photograph and a capsule biographical note.

8.  Constantine Cavafy, Alexandria, tentatively dated by the poet “1901 or 1903”.

9.  Constantine Cavafy, undated sketch by Yiannis Kephallenos.

10.  A spread from Constantine Cavafy’s last passport, listing “Poet” as occupation and two discrete birth dates, both erroneous.