[ What makes English literature ]Notes on poetics and ethics
What makes English literature seem cold to me, besides some deficiencies of the English language, is the –how to put it?– the conservatism, the difficulty (or the unwillingness) to depart from the established, and the fear to confront morality: pseudo-morality, that is, because this is what we should call any morality that professes ignorance.
     In the past ten years, how many French books –both good and bad– were written which examine and take bravely into account the new aspect of love. New it is not; it has been only neglected for centuries, under the supposition that it was madness (science says it is not) or a crime (logic says it is not). No English book, that I know of. Why? Because are they afraid to confront prejudice. And nevertheless this kind of love exists among the English too, as it exists –and has existed– in all nations, for a few persons, of course.

October 1905

Translated by Manuel Savidis

- Original Greek Text