[ The wretched laws of society ]Notes on poetics and ethics
The wretched laws of society –the result of neither sanitary nor critical judgment– have belittled my work. They have stifled my expression; they have prevented me from shedding light and emotion to those who are fashioned like me. Life’s harsh circumstances have forced me to toil in order to master the English language. What a pity. If I toiled equally in French –if circumstances permitted it, if French was equally useful to me– then perhaps in this language –because of the facility provided by pronouns, which both declare and obscure– I could express myself more freely. Finally, what am I to do? I go to waste, aesthetically speaking. And I will remain an object of speculation; and I will be understood more fully by what I spurned.

15 December 1905

Translated by Manuel Savidis

- Original Greek Text