[ I do like and I am moved by the beauty of the folk ]Notes on poetics and ethics
I do like and I am moved by the beauty of the folk, of the poor youth. Servants, workers, petty commercial clerks, shop attendants. This is the recompense, one guesses, for their deprivations. All this physical work and exercise make their bodies beautiful and symmetrical. They are almost always lean. Their faces, either pale when their work is indoors, or sunburned when they are outdoors, have an attractive, poetic hue. They are a contrast to the affluent youth who are either sickly and physiologically dirty, or filled with fat and stains from too many food and drink, and quilts; you think that in their bloated or dimpled faces you can discern the ugliness of the theft and robbery of their inheritance and its interest.

29 June 1908

Translated by Manuel Savidis

- Original Greek Text