[ Who knows what notions of lust ]Notes on poetics and ethics
Who knows what notions of lust hover above the composition of most literary works! Solitary notions of lust, which twist (or transform) perception. And how very often the parts of various novels (mostly English ones) which are censured by the critics – especially some parts which puzzle them, because the author appears to write deliberately badly – derive from the forced service which the author rendered to an impression or a state of lust while composing. This sensation is so strong  – and how poetic sometimes, how splendid! – that it binds itself to the words it created. And the writer, even after the passing of months, is unable to correct or amend anything in the text, because by reading it he evokes the vision of his old impression, and so becomes «colour-blind» for a portion of his work.

12 November 1902

Translated by Manuel Savidis

- Original Greek Text