In a Town of Osrhöene The Canon
Out of the tavern brawl they brought to us,
close on the middle hour of yesternight,
friend Rhemon losing blood and in a swoon.
We left the casement open, and the moon
lit up his beauteous body on the bed.
We are a mixture in this town: half-bred
Greeks, Syrians, Medes, Armenians. One of these
is Rhemon too. Yet, when the moon last night
displayed his beauteous body in her light
and made his amorous face conspicuous,
our thoughts went back to the Platonic Charmides.

Translated by John Cavafy

(Poems by C. P. Cavafy. Translated, from the Greek, by J. C. Cavafy. Ikaros, 2003)

- Original Greek Poem

- Translation by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard