Pictured The Canon
I love my work and I am careful with it. But to-day
the slowness of the composition has disheartened me.
I am influenced by the aspect of the day. Darker it gets
and darker. And ever and anon the rain falls, the wind frets.
I am more minded now to see things than to write. I gaze
upon the picture of a boy lying down beside a spring:
in those green woods beyond he must have tired himself at play.
How beautiful the boy! What glorious noon is silencing
the atmosphere and lowering his eyelids drowsily?...
I sit and gaze a long time... And it is art again that stays
my weariness of the toil in my own art of rendering.

Translated by John Cavafy

(Poems by C. P. Cavafy. Translated, from the Greek, by J. C. Cavafy. Ikaros, 2003)

- Original Greek Poem

- Translation by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard