Hidden (75 Poems/30 Translations)
Original text by Cavafy
1. Leaving Therapia
Translated by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard
1. And I Lounged and Lay on Their Beds
2. Antony’s Ending
3. At the Theatre
4. December, 1903
5. Exiles
6. Going Back Home from Greece
7. Growing in Spirit
8. Half an Hour
9. Hidden Things
10. Julian at the Mysteries
11. King Claudius
12. On Hearing of Love
13. On the Stairs
14. Poseidonians
15. September, 1903
16. Simeon
17. The Bandaged Shoulder
18. The Photograph
19. “The Rest I Will Tell to Those Down to Hades”
20. Theophilos Palaiologos
21. When the Watchman Saw the Light
Translated by John Cavafy
1. Addition
2. In the Soul’s House
3. The Intervention of the Gods
Translated by Daniel Mendelsohn
1. Displeased Theatergoer
2. The Beyzades to His Lady-Love
Translated by Walter Kaiser
1. Before Jerusalem
2. Second Odyssey
Translated by Seamus Heaney
1. “The rest I’ll speak of to the ones below in Hades”
Translated by Don Paterson
1. The Bandaged Shoulder